PID News: Analysis from a Christian Worldview

The invasion of Ukraine has left the world leaders in a state of turmoil and uncertainty. Even people who rarely watch the news find themselves ‘glued’ to social media and streaming content providers to find out the latest information. Why hasn’t Vladimir Putin prevailed? Why doesn’t NATO simply join the fight and help the Ukrainian government to defeat the Russians?

Rather than fixate on the obvious, Derek and Sharon Gilbert look behind the curtain to discern the hidden spiritual hand operating the human actors. The Gilberts have been examining world news for over seventeen years, and write about Bible prophecy and spiritual discernment in their bestselling non-fiction and even fiction books.

Their weekly podcast, PID Radio, ran from March of 2005 to April of 2020, making it one of the very first Christian podcasts. The websites PID Radio and PID News soon followed, and soon after, they began the popular Sunday Bible study, Gilbert House Fellowship.

Here at PID News, these two experienced analysts look deeper into world events and connect the dots: Pandemics, Secret Societies, the World Economic Forum, Order out of Chaos, Warnings of Biochemical Weapons, and even Nuclear Threats.

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