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Water, Not Oil Could Soon Become the World’s Greatest catalyst for Conflict

(OILPRICE.COM) — In its 2000 “Global Patterns” report, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) predicted that, by the year 2015, “nearly half the world’s population — more than 3 billion people — will live in countries which are ‘water stressed.’” According to the report, that means their populations will have less than 1,700 cubic meters […]

Water rights, rainwater, water contracts and the corrupt Bureau of Land Management | The PPJ Gazette

Think you ‘own’ the water that runs off your roof into that shiny new plastic barrel you just installed beneath your downspout? Think again. Water is the new gold. — PID

(PPJ GAZETTE) — /SNIP/ … reinterpretation by the BLM of “public use”, “adequate use” and “beneficial use” have rendered seniority use as a part […]

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