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Wednesday August 20th 2014

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FAO Calls ‘Extraordinary’ Meeting Amid Fears of Wheat Shortage | BusinessWeek

(BLOOMBERG) -- The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization called a special meeting of policy makers to discuss the global cereal markets as Russia extended a grain-export ban, stoking concern there may be wheat shortages. “The purpose of holding this meeting is for exporting and importing countries to engage in constructive [...]

New Video Debunks Food Supply Fears: There’s Lots of It

( – The Population Research Institute (PRI) has just released the third video in its YouTube cartoon series, designed to refute the idea of overpopulation with science — and stick figures. Contrary to claims advanced by population control advocates, the latest video reveals data indicating that world hunger is not caused by a [...]

Food Crisis: World Grain Prices Continue to Rise

Since this report, the price for rice has risen to over $600 per ton. -- PID

Food Rioting in Egypt; Two Killed

At least two Egyptians killed in riots related to increasing demand for subsidized bread, especially in low-income areas Mar 18, 2008 (YNET) -- Egypt is looking for rapid solutions to a bread crisis that has generated riots in which at least two people have been killed. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak appealed to the army on Sunday, asking for [...]

Food and Energy Shortages Stoke Inflation, Anxiety in Pakistan

Mar 12, 2008 ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (WASHINGTON POST) -- The line for cooking oil was nearly a block long, just a few miles from the Parliament building. Saida Bibi, fistful of rupees in hand, elbowed her way to the front of the angry crowd shoving its way into the government food shop. Full Report

Australia’s food bowl lies empty

Mar 12, 2008 (BBC NEWS) -- Though located in a remote corner of the planet, the fields of Australia's food bowl are central to the worldwide price of wheat. In this part of rural New South Wales, water-starved farms and cavernous empty grain silos have the potential to create a ripple effect which spreads around the globe. And that is precisely [...]

Warning of world phosphate shortage

"Quite simply, without phosphorus we cannot produce food," says Dana Cordell of the Institute of Sustainable Futures, based in Sydney. Mar 11, 2008 (THE AUSTRALIAN) -- The exponential growth in global food production has not only sent the price of fertilisers skyrocketing, but could lead to a world shortage of phosphate within [...]

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