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Saturday August 23rd 2014

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Strange shrine found at Loughner’s home

Strange shrine found at Loughner’s home

(UPI) -- Arizona shooting spree suspect Jared Loughner had an occult shrine in his back yard, photos show. The New York Daily News showed the photos on its Web site Monday.  Inside a camouflage tent behind the Tucson home where Loughner lives with his parents is an altar with a skull on top of a pot of shriveled oranges. A row of ceremonial [...]

BBC News | Pagans celebrate Halloween as the country’s newest religion

As children beg for treats at your doors, remember the true meaning of this 'holiday'. -- PID (BBC NEWS) -- Inside a witches' coven, where the coming of the god of darkness is marked on the day also known as Halloween. In a riverside meadow in the Dorset town of Weymouth, a witch is using a broom to sweep a sacred circle in the grass. The [...]

Satanic group to hold October event at Oklahoma City’s Civic Center |

(NEWSOK.COM) -- An organization claiming to be "the only legal satanic church in Oklahoma" is hosting an event at the Civic Center Music Hall in October that will include a "public satanic exorcism." The group, called the Church of the IV Majesties, has booked the Civic Center, 201 N Walker, for Oct. 21, said Jim Brown, Civic Center general [...]

Waldorf Schools claim Lucifer as model and guardian

Read more about Steiner's philosophy in Steiner's own words: The Balance in the World and Man, Lucifer and Ahriman. -- PID (ONE NEWS NOW) -- /SNIP/ Dr. Bruce Shortt, author of The Harsh Truth about Public Schools, explains to OneNewsNow that the Waldorf system is based on a dangerous philosophy called "anthroposophy" from the writings of [...]

Bodies found in cave near Mexican resort of Cancun with hearts removed

Hat tip to Tim. -- PID CANCUN, Mexico (AP) – Police discovered six dead bodies in a cavern Sunday near the tourist resort of Cancun, three of them cut open and their hearts removed. Authorities are investigating the identities of the four men and two women found dead in the natural cave, said Francisco Alor, the Quintana Roo state attorney [...]

Satan worshipers possible suspects in Simon slaying

(UTICA OBSERVER-DISPATCH) -- The last hours of Kimberly Simon’s life in 1985 were likely spent with a group of young men who worshiped the devil, tortured cats, used hallucinogenic drugs and sexually abused women, according to investigators who have been probing her homicide for the past 16 months. via Satan worshipers possible suspects in [...]

Alexander Robert Youshock had massacre manifesto

(SAN MATEO JOURNAL) -- /SNIP/ Videotapes also showed Youshock brandishing the chain saw with the caption “Collie hates you even more than I do.” The chain saw was reportedly named Collie after the Columbine massacre. Writings discovered by authorities include Youshock allegedly referring to himself as “God” and plotting to “bring upon [...]

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