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Wednesday August 27th 2014

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Once Immune, Kenya Hit Hard By Drought

(CBS NEWS) -- Kenya, a developed country with lush land and a typically robust economy, is being devastated by a deadly drought, the New York Times reports. With green pastures drying up, the drought is killing crops and children. It is stoking tensions in water-deprived slums and spawning ethnic conflict in communities fighting over the few [...]

Mexico Suffers Worst Drought in 60 Years

MEXICO is enduring its worst drought in 60 years, with crops drying up in the fields and water being rationed in the capital. Residents of poor neighbourhoods have hijacked water trucks, and there are other signs of social tensions building, with water supplies cut off frequently, and many people queuing from 4am to ask for water trucks to fill [...]

Food and Energy Shortages Stoke Inflation, Anxiety in Pakistan

Mar 12, 2008 ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (WASHINGTON POST) -- The line for cooking oil was nearly a block long, just a few miles from the Parliament building. Saida Bibi, fistful of rupees in hand, elbowed her way to the front of the angry crowd shoving its way into the government food shop. Full Report

Climate change ‘will spark global conflict’

Thanks, S.B.! Anytime Javier Solana talks about global conflict, we should pay attention. -- PID Mar 11, 2008 (TELEGRAPH) -- /SNIP/ A stark report, written by two senior EU officials, Javier Solana, foreign policy chief and Benita Ferrero-Waldner, the Commissioner for External Relations, highlights seven threats unleashed by "intensified [...]

Carbon Output Must Near Zero To Avert Danger, New Studies Say

The fear-mongering continues. While this group says we need to cut carbon output to zero, a dissident group of climatologists last week issued the "Manhattan Declaration", which went virtually unnoticed by the major media. They believe that attempts by governments to reduce CO2 emissions would "markedly diminish further prosperity" while having [...]

Neil Bush visits Paraguay president as guest of Moon-backed group

Neil Bush visits Paraguay president as guest of Moon-backed group

Neil Bush, younger brother of U.S. President George W. Bush, talks to journalists after a meeting with Paraguay's President Nicanor Duarte in Asuncion, Feb. 28, 2008. Bush is visiting Paraguay with members of the Moon's Universal Peace Federation church. (AP Photo/STR) Moon owns vast tracts of land (600,000 hectares) in both Paraguay and [...]

Texas Farmers Take Water War to Canada

We doubt the guys from 'Lonesome Dove' would have handled it this way. Seriously, Texas farmers seeking justice in Canada should light a fire of indignation in every American. What happened to our sovereignty -- oh yeah, the Clinton/Bush two-headed 'Eagle' gave it away. -- PID Feb 6, 2008 (TOWNHALL.COM) -- /SNIP/ The groups plan to ask a [...]

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