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Saturday August 30th 2014

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The Bay Citizen – Raj Patel Meets Benjamin Creme –

Somehow we missed this when it was originally published on Aug 19. You have to wonder how Creme got it so wrong. -- PID (NYTIMES) -- /SNIP/ After the meeting, both men have decided to call the events of the past several months “a case of mistaken identity.” They seemed impressed with each other, with Mr. Creme saying he found Mr. Patel [...]

Future Quake Explores Merging of Dominionist Forces With “Mainstream” Evangelical Leaders

Nashville, TN ( -- Derek Gilbert, host of the popular Internet radio programs P.I.D. Radio ( and A View From The Bunker, reveals his and others' recent research on the alarming rise of Christian Dominionism and its recent empowerment alongside major evangelical leadership, with host Doctor Future and co-host Tom [...]

25% of Republicans surveyed say Obama may be AntiChrist

(MAIL ONLINE) -- Americans who suggest Barack Obama should rot in hell are apparently deadly serious. Nearly a quarter of Republicans believe the Democrat president "may be the Antichrist", according to a survey. An even greater number compared him to Hitler. via U.S. healthcare reform bill: 14 rebel states sue | Mail Online.

Virginia OKs Bill Banning Implanted Tracking Devices

(AP) -- Virginia's House of Delegates has passed a bill that would ban the forced implantation of tracking devices in people. Warning of sinister privacy intrusions in an Orwellian world, Del. Mark Cole said the bill means no one could be required to wear a tracking implant as a condition of employment. He said there were religious concerns, [...]

Danish Op-Ed: ‘Obama is, of course, greater than Jesus’

(WND) -- An editorial in a Danish newspaper, citing both foreign and domestic policies pursued by President Barack Obama, is deifying the American political leader. "Obama is, of course, greater than Jesus – if we have to play that absurd Christmas game," opined the unsigned editorial yesterday in Politiken, which boasts of being [...]

Prince William to share Queen’s duties: Treasury document reveals secret plan to make him the ‘Shadow King’

(MAIL ONLINE) -- The Queen is to hand over a substantial part of her public duties to Prince William to help him prepare for the day when he becomes King, according to a confidential document obtained by The Mail on Sunday. Secret papers reveal that plans to ease the strain on the 83-year-old monarch and her 88-year-old husband, Prince Philip, [...]

Spiral ‘UFO’ puts Norway in a spin

Spiral ‘UFO’ puts Norway in a spin

(THE SUN) -- A MYSTERIOUS giant spiral of light that dominated the sky over Norway this morning has stunned experts — who believe the space spectacle is an entirely new astral phenomenon. Thousands of awe-struck Norwegians bombarded the Meteorological Institute to ask what the incredible light — that could be seen in the pre-dawn sky for [...]

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