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The Bay Citizen – Raj Patel Meets Benjamin Creme –

Somehow we missed this when it was originally published on Aug 19. You have to wonder how Creme got it so wrong. — PID

(NYTIMES) — /SNIP/ After the meeting, both men have decided to call the events of the past several months “a case of mistaken identity.” They seemed impressed with each other, with […]

Future Quake Explores Merging of Dominionist Forces With “Mainstream” Evangelical Leaders

Nashville, TN ( — Derek Gilbert, host of the popular Internet radio programs P.I.D. Radio ( and A View From The Bunker, reveals his and others’ recent research on the alarming rise of Christian Dominionism and its recent empowerment alongside major evangelical leadership, with host Doctor Future and co-host Tom Bionic, airing daily during the […]

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