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Reverse Zoonosis: Researchers Investigate Human-To-Animal Transmission Of Flu

Posted on October 05, 2012 by Sharon K. Gilbert

This is one of those scientific ‘eureka’ moments, when you slap your forehead so hard it stings. Pigs are notorious for serving as mixing vessels for influenza viruses, but most humans don’t have daily–or even casual contact for that matter–with our porcine friends. However, most of us have a cat, dog, or even canary. So, what if a nasty flu bug mutated inside one of our furry friends?

Just a couple of months ago, both Derek and I got a mild case of a stomach bug, and Sam got sick at the same time. Did he have the same virus? Could be….

Read all about the current research at Reverse Zoonosis: Researchers Investigate Human-To-Animal Transmission Of Flu.

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